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Ibrahim Hadad

Board Member

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Ibrahim “Abe” Hadad currently serves as EY’s International Tax Business Technology Leader for the Americas.  In his dual role he gets to work alongside entrepreneurial partners as they craft their future market product offerings for International Tax – a $1B business. On the other side of his dual role, he gets to serve his technology team as a guide, coach, and mentor as they craft the business’ future technology.

Abe has an eclectic industry experience background which began in the manufacturing industry moving to the financial markets, banking and now into the consulting industry.  Similarly, he has worked as an engineer, a developer, a project manager, a relationship manager, a software developer, product manager and now product envisioning.  All these roles have given Abe a broad view of various industries and helped him see patterns across these industries.

Abe’s eclectic background is not limited to his career experiences but his upbringing as well. Born into a family of Cuban exiles with Spanish and Lebanese ancestry in Puerto Rico gave Abe an appreciation of cultural differences and the power of diversity.  This core belief has helped him connect and assemble teams with folks from all over the globe to activate powerhouses where understanding and appreciation of these differences are embraced and leveraged.

He currently lives in Tennessee on a small 30-acre farm with his wife, 4 daughters, 3 dogs, 2 cats, many fish and a snake (acquired in a lost negotiation with his daughter).  In his spare time, he works on creative projects around the house, farm, and at times makes up mostly true stories for his daughters for entertainment and imparting wisdom.  He loves to give to others of his time, resources, and friendship.

Location: Tennessee

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