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AI Onramp

Get started with AI

(No experience required)

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AI Onramp Studio is a playground in which you can experiment with AI and keep track of your progress. AI sessions that produce desirable results can be saved and and reused or used to build new AI requests. The studio guides you to get past simple AI prompts and start directing the AI to produce more to your need and to best fit your objectives.

The studio lets you experiment with different AI Large Language Model (LLM) services at the same time to see how the same prompts work differently on different AI platforms.

  • Wizard step you through creating prompts

  • Prompts are refined and expanded by AI

  • Library to create, refine, reuse and build prompts

  • Cross AI LLM (cloud services) experimentation 

Neophyte to expert in a single bound.

AI Onramp guides you starting right at the start. Step by step guide place you right at the right spot in Ai vendor web sites (i.e. Google Gemini or OpenAi ChatGPT) at each step of the way. 

Prompt wizard helps even experienced AI practitioners get better, nore complete and results with increased accuracy. 

Guidance and easy experimentation to create new prompts and get AI to work.

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Make effective AI prompts on day one using Onramp's smart prompt generating wizard

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Get your own access to AI services using Onramp's LLM access wizard

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Choice of AI services right our of the box

Start your AI journey with one or more pre-configured connections:


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Claude 3


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Guidance and wizards to get your own independent access to AI services

AI Starter Kit

Not sure where to start? Don't know which AI service is best for you?

Fear not! AI Onramp is here to help.

Leap AI Journey - Family of Products

AI Idea To AI Happy Customer

Make AI work for you today

  • Build new AI products without any programming

  • Experiment and test in a safe environment

  • Implement one or multiple pre-defined LLM platforms

  • Integrate your own reusable business rules

  • Integrate database and remote API connections

  • Non-stochastic (100% predictable) scoped AI results validation

  • Build working application prototypes suitable for field testing without code

Pre-loaded with a library of Generative AI services. You can access any or all of them without code. 

Note: Product is in Beta Test. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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