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AI Ontrack

Accurate as well as predictable results now available from your favorite LLM


Teams charged with implementing generative AI are finding challenges with accuracy, auditability and predictability when attempting to implement AI in higher-value, mission critical business processes.

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Control Multiple LLMs

Easily orchestrate multiple LLMs.

Improve guidance to AI calls and perform validation between each step.

  • Dynamically select appropriate LLM

  • Parallel or sequential LLM processes

  • Conditional integration

AI - Now With Accuracy

Step 1

Leap's genetic hybrid deterministic AI can dynamically craft complex AI prompts with 100% accuracy and consistency. 

Step 2

Leap validates the results and warns when there is less than appropriate AI results from your LLM.

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Connect Most Any API

  • Situationally aware datasource integration

  • Multi-API call orchestration

  • On-the-fly data transformation / data merge

  • Mix API and Database access

  • Easy application integration

  • Conditional process orchestration

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Enhanced Prompting

  • Prompt generation

  • Situationally aware prompting

  • High specificity prompts for greater accuracy

  • Prompt knowledge is dynamic and evolvable

AI Result Validation

  • Segregates known correct from questionable results

  • Reduces errors, issues and problems

  • Significantly reduces need for human oversight

  • Isolates results needing review

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Smart Validation in Skill Specific Use Cases

Validation Flow.png

Skill Specific is similar to how a single human would be able to validate results within that person's skill and experience.

Play the video and learn how to add accuracy to AI

Please remember to turn on audio (video is narrated)

Some features require training

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