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Dr. James Hendren

Board Member

Dr. James Hendren

Dr. James Hendren has been a entrepreneurial champion for the advancement of technology startup companies and knowledge job development since the mid-1980’s.  He received his doctorate in physics from the University of Arkansas, providing a foundation for his successful career in sophisticated software development in both the defense and finance industries.  James was CEO, then Chairman of Arkansas Systems, Inc. (ARKSYS), one of the early Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) “high-tech” companies. 

While growing that company from a small, home-grown company to an internationally known corporation, he served on the Arkansas Science & Technology Authority board of directors and the Arkansas Economic Development Commission where he lead the charge for changing the economic development strategies to include high tech startup companies.

Dr. Hendren has spearheaded the development of the tech entrepreneur ecosystem in Arkansas, founding and leading the institutions that are key to success in Arkansas. He was founding chair of the Arkansas STEM Coalition and served on its board for 13 years.  He has taught hundreds of courses via the Boy Scouts and the Venture Center.

He has formally worked with more than thirty technology startup companies being CEO of four.  He has mentored hundreds of startups; helping them move forward.

Location: Arkansas 

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