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Cobbler Tech is now LeapXL.

We have a company name change.You may have known us as Cobbler Tech. We are now doing business as LeapXL.

Turn your spreadsheets into shareable, productivity-boosting, cloud-based web apps.

Let's make a difference together.

When you give smart and creative people the right tools, they can work together and make a difference.

That’s why we love no-code. Cobbler’s LeapXL is a no-code application development platform for people who use spreadsheets to make their jobs easier and stay organized. Now, all the smarts you have put into your spreadsheets can be used to instantly spin up a web application. Drag-and-drop your forms and charts and reports. Then share.

No complicated diagramming is necessary.


Take the logic you built into your spreadsheets, upload them and go.


It’s that easy with Cobbler Technologies’ LeapXL.

IT Leaders


Cobbler Technologies' no-code, drag-and-drop app publishing platform (PaaS) and no-code API integration tool are what you need to defend against shadow IT, take the inter-department pressure off your team, and build apps to support your own IT efforts.

Business Leaders


Empower your company experts and department leads with our incredibly easy to use web app builder. Create personalized web apps form existing spreadsheets within a controlled environment with very little training and no programming experience.


Platform Features

Drag & Drop App Editor

Our no-code platform makes building apps quick and easy.

Encryption & Authentication

LeapXL adds enterprise-grade security automatically.

Data Sharing

Collaborate in real-time with team members.


Robustly share data with your systems and other web-based apps.


Learn what's is going on and what happened without any extra effort.


Know the quality, source, and completeness of your data, plus who is responsible.

Role-based Security

Assign permissions based on user's skill.

Mobile Friendly

Access LeapXL reports, visualizations, and forms from you phone or tablet.


Drill deeper into reports and visualizations to learn more about your data.


Erase mistakes by managing change.

Reports & Visualizations

Create reports, dashboards, and data visualizations in seconds.

Data Provenance

Gain better insights by knowing the origin of your data.

Form Builder

Improve data consistency and reduce errors with custom input forms.


While custom, self-published apps can help solve almost any department’s productivity problems, here are some high-yield, industry-specific applications we’ve deployed.

Real-time, individual, team and longitudinal reporting and mobile banking solutions.

Sourcing and procurement applications for the US Armed Forces automate data sharing and create a collaborative compliance platform for auditing over a supplier network.



Ag Industry researchers, producers, and managers can more easily manage big data with our no-code API generator and app builder.

A simple, cloud-based trucking logistics app includes dispatch, payment management, and more with load optimization, maintenance management, and traffic management options.



Retailers juggling massive amounts of spreadsheets and real-time data can integrate it in one spot and generate dashboards, reporting and customer insights.

Healthcare organizations can manage audit trails of internal operations and integrate data from any application to see quality metrics and more.


No-code vs Low-code

Our solution is truly No-code, rather than Low-code, which means you can empower everyone around you.

● A No-code Platform allows non-programmers to create application software through     graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming.

● A Low-code Platform enables developers of varied experience levels to create applications using a visual user interface in combination with model-driven logic which may require additional coding for specific situations.

Customers can subscribe to, create, deploy, and run, fully responsive containerized enterprise applications from LeapXL. Upgrades are included and various training packages are available. 

LeapXL consultants can train your teams and work with your subject experts to deploy enterprise-wide, containerized software, insanely fast, on quarterly and annual contracts.


  • See how easy it is to build and deploy enterprise-grade web apps and to know more about data, which drives better decisions.

  • Join our next invitation-only webinar given by LeapXL CEO, Marla Johnson.

For IT Leaders

For Business Leaders

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