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Create enterprise applications that evolve

Morphic AI

Model driven software.

Build the future now.

Current software development requires knowledge of all future functional permutations.

Morphic AI's model driven approach removes the constraint of articulating all potential future requirements.

Morphic AI utilizes
Deterministic AI
and a Molecular Engine that enables applications to evolve. This not only eliminates tech debt but it also significantly reduces total cost of ownership whilst keeping pace with business needs.


85 % of organisations are not confident of their ability to future proof their software investments - Forrester Research

Create model driven software. Build the Future Now.

Deterministic AI

- Deterministic AI provides highly predictable outcomes

- Deterministic AI provides repeatable results

- Augment creative capabilities of GenAI

Provides guiderails for GenAI

- Harness data calls to create one data stream

Molecular Engine


- Molecular Engine simulates data relationship

Application design is the running application

100% Model-driven and Code-free

Development/improvement is natively continuous

Application design is reusable at virtually any level

Morphic AI seems to fit the bill for us because it’s an easy to implement, cloud ready, technological platform where we can build or adapt applications very quickly as market needs evolve.

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Abe Hadad

Business Technology Leader/Executive Director

Ernst & Young

Generative AI has elevated processing, abstracting the actual work out of code and into a model. This approach as unharnessed flexibility and expanded the boundaries of computing. It has also opened a new plain for evolving computer systems by simply evolving the model not code.


Leap's product line helps you with rapid adoption at each stage of your AI journey - from solving accuracy issues all the way through full AI infused application creation and deployment. 

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