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No-Code Financial Data Transformer 
With LeapXL, financial institutions can co-create custom tech solutions in just a few weeks, without the high cost of developers and data analysts.
An Introduction to LeapXL


Banking & Financial Institutions

LeapXL was one of 10 technology companies worldwide to participate in the 2020 FIS Fintech Accelerator program, a partnership between financial technology leader FIS and The Venture Center in Little Rock, AR.

Turn your spreadsheets into shareable, productivity-boosting, cloud-based web apps.
IT Leaders


LeapXL's no-code, drag-and-drop app publishing platform (PaaS) with its no-code API integration tool are what you need to defend against shadow IT, take the inter-department pressure off your team, and build apps to support your own IT efforts.

Business Leaders


Empower your company experts and department leads with our incredibly easy to use web app builder. Create personalized web apps from existing spreadsheets and APIs within a controlled environment with very little training and no programming experience.


Do You Have a Spreadsheet Error Somewhere?

Over 70% of businesses rely on spreadsheets for critical decisioning, but 90% of business-critical spreadsheets have errors.
Spreadsheet error losses are estimated in the BILLIONS annually!
84% of CEOs don’t trust the data on which they base their decisions.
  1. Board Reports –
    5 hours and 3 manual calcs quarterly
  2. Price Calculations –
    Formulas omitted costs or were changed
  3. Government Reporting –
    Errors resulted in fines
  4. Fidelity’s Magellan Fund -
    $1.3 billion lost
  5. JPMorgan Chase -
    $6.5 billion lost in “London Whale” incident
  6. Fannie Mae -
    $1.3 billion lost
Spreadsheet Risk Abounds in Banking


  • Audit

  • Exception

  • PCAD

Lending & Credit

  • Loan exception tracking

  • Loan decisioning support 

  • Troubled loan tracking

  • OREO tracking 

  • Regulatory compliance 

  • Charge off tracking

  • Freddie Mac 

  • Specialty Portfolios 

Human Resources

  • Census

  • Bonuses


  • Severance

  • Org Charts

Asset & Liability

  • Cash Flow

  • Liquidity

  • Liability

  • Forward Maturity

  • Securities

  • Interest Rates


  • Monthly, QTR, YTD

  • ALLL

  • Stock

  • Trends

  • Strategy

  • Capital

  • Analysis


  • Expense reports

  • Lease commitments

  • Summary data reports

  • Tracking


Formula Logic  -  Input Accuracy  -  Manual Touchpoints  -  Accidental Modification
The LeapXL platform optimizes your in-house data skills with drag-n-drop ease and seamless connection to your banking core and other APIs.
LeapXL solves spreadsheet overload, auditing and reporting confusion, and even automates new data prototypes and apps that are right-sized for your bank.
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Upload disparate spreadsheet data into one seamless system
  • Upload spreadsheets, both data and formulas
  • Pull in data from your Banking Core 
  • Pull in data from any API to which you have access


Use forms, charts and apps to report real-time data and maintain accuracy
  • Drag-and-drop to use forms, charts and graphs
  • Clarify and visualize data
  • Spin up mobile and desktop apps 
  • Invite leaders to review  clickable reports 
  • Print or export as PDFs


Automate origination and modification reports for risk management and audit 
  • Data origin and approval is recorded
  • Every change is automatically recorded
  • Data transparency reports ease the audit burden and reduce enterprise risk

Transformational Results

Complete Picture

All your data is in one place.
All your data is up-to-date and real-time.

Controlled Process

Only those with permission can access or change.
All data origination and modifications are recorded.

Certified Profitability

Formulas and  data are made transparent. 
Reports can be analyzed and audited.


A Low-code Platform enables

developers of varied experience levels

to create applications using a visual user interface in combination with model-driven logic which may require additional coding for specific situations.



Our No-code Platform enables


to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming.

Our solution truly is No-code (not Low-code), which means you can empower ANYONE in your company.

Customers can subscribe to, create, deploy, and run, fully responsive containerized enterprise applications from LeapXL. Upgrades are included and various training packages are available. 

LeapXL consultants can train your teams and work with your subject experts to deploy enterprise-wide, containerized software, insanely fast, on quarterly and annual contracts.


LeapXL at the 2020 FIS Fintech Accelerator Demo Day
LeapXL at the 2020 FIS Fintech Accelerator Demo Day

LeapXL CEO and Cofounder, Marla Johnson, joined nine other fintech startups to showcase their innovations at 2020 FIS Accelerator Demo Day.

We like LeapXL and enjoy working with your team.

You will be successful for sure.

-- John H. Buhrmaster, President & CEO, 1st National Bank of Scotia

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Bend the Curve.

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