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No-Code App Factory

LeapXL  delivers data integration at speed…so business leaders can get to market faster…collapsing months of development and deployment into weeks. Get your secure tech solutions built easier, cheaper, and faster!

Meet the LEAP Platform

Get a brief introduction to the LEAP no-code platform which simplifies and automates the tasks of creating, evolving and maintaining software.

The LEAP team works with professionals to create full blown enterprise applications, both internal and customer-facing, in just a few weeks without having to code.
Leap Forward E-news Graphic - April 2023
Leap Forward - April 2023

In this month's LCNC view on digital modernization in financial services: See Gartner’s affirmation of the need for Leap’s workflow automation, meet Jhordy from the engineering team, our CEO recognized for leadership, and deep-dive into how Leap solves for modernization hurdles.

LeapXL seems to fit the bill for us because it’s an easy to implement, cloud ready, technological platform where we could build or adapt applications very quickly as market needs evolve.

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Abe Hadad

Business Technology Leader/Executive Director

Ernst & Young

LEAP will revolutionize your approach to modernization and be your competitive advantage.
LEAP adds data interoperability, API extensibility & UI flexibility so you can innovate anew or extend legacy with plug-and-play modules.
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Quickly & affordably create secure SaaS solutions that can connect to any system.

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