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Continuous Digital Transformation EngineTM

Unlike traditional approaches like staff augmentation or purchasing pre-existing market solutions, Leap allows clients to meet their transformation demands incrementally, providing flexibility as they progress.
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5 Ways To Future-proof Your Solutions Using AI

Leap's Morphic AI 

Leap harnesses the power of generative AI like Chat-GPT by integrating it with Leap's proprietary Determinist AI to create the foundation for complex systems in minutes. We call this morphic AI.  Our morphic AI sculpts the prompts necessary to communicate with generative AI and negotiate a model for your system. Leap's Molecular Engine then expresses that model as working software. A truly revolutionary approach. 

Meet the LEAP Platform

Leap is a complete application development platform that empowers companies to improve their business processes at the speed of the market, leveraging in-house talent and technology.

HOW: Leap does this with platform AI tools you use to connect data, build quickly and deploy solutions without code for easy maintenance.
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Leap Forward - October 2023

In this month's LCNC view on digital modernization in financial services: Michael Bryan Joins LeapXL; FREE Leap Builder for Three Days; How AI and No-Code Can Extend the Life of Legacy Systems.

LeapXL seems to fit the bill for us because it’s an easy to implement, cloud ready, technological platform where we could build or adapt applications very quickly as market needs evolve.

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Abe Hadad

Business Technology Leader/Executive Director

Ernst & Young

LEAP will revolutionize your approach to modernization and be your competitive advantage.
LEAP adds data interoperability, API extensibility & UI flexibility so you can innovate anew or extend legacy with plug-and-play modules.
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Quickly & affordably create secure SaaS solutions that can connect to any system.

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