Use Cases

Cobbler's no code platform makes collaborating easier.

Use Cases

Expense Submittal & Reporting

What else can Cobbler do?

Here are some of the potential use cases for Cobbler

Intake forms for employment
Inventory management system
Cash flow forecast management
Project cost management
Engineering analysis
ROI Analysis
Attendance Tracking
Vacation and benefits tracking
Asset management
Reward management system
Equipment tracking

Finance calculator

Project finance management
Business planning analysis
Order tracking
Petty cash log
Event management
Task management
BOM logs
Remote worker time tracking
Training tracker/ scheduler
Contact manager 
Content delivery and retrieval
General building inspection

Customize to fit your exact needs

Cobbler solutions can be molded to fit your exact business needs without coding or help from IT. Simply drag and drop to create forms, charts, reports, and dashboards to mirror the way your business functions.

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