Know the Quality of Your Data

Full transparency is often elusive. LeapXL makes business and data processes visible from start to end.

​Business leaders need to know and understand the story of "what was" and "what is".  LeapXL proves data in real-time. Dashboards graphically show the results as data is captured from anywhere. Data visualizations translate reports into an up-to-the-moment understanding of business health and activity.

​Leaders, managers, and contributors alike, want to be able to understand the meaning of specific data. For example, when sales are up, what sectors are changing and which sales people are having more success. Which ones are having less success? Supporting data is always just a mouse click away.​ Users of all kinds need to police the system to find aberrations, responsible parties, and other things that have gone amuck. LeapXL always has the record of how data came to be in detailed audits.

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