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Defend against shadow IT.

Take the pressure off your team.

Build apps to support IT efforts.


Use the spreadsheet skills you and your team have to solve productivity problems.

Create the tools need when you need them with no programming experience.


Solutions For:


Ag industry researchers, producers, and mangers can more easily manage big data with our no-code API generator and app builder to avoid data inundation, and deal with the complexity of your data in easy-to-use personalized software.

LeapXL's no-code technology eases stresses of community bankers by providing real-time, individual, team and longitudinal reporting, and customer outreach solutions through personalized enterprise applications. It's affordable fintech at its finest!


The US Armed Forces must respond quickly, and LeapXL's sourcing and procurement application technology is a flexible, no-code toolkit that automates data sharing and application building to create a collaborative platform for compliance auditing over a supplier network.

We developed a simple trucking logistics app to help all you truckers out there to keep on truckin'! Our cloud application includes dispatch, payment management, and more. Load optimization, maintenance management, and traffic management can be added and customized.


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