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Solutions & Benefits

LeapXL  speeds new products to market —accelerating both internal work-flow & customer-facing applications.


How will LEAP improve your results?

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LEAP Demo Hub

Get an overview of the Leap platform, take a deeper dive into how apps are built, and explore some of the apps we've created using our platform.

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Is Digital Transformation in Banks Worth the Hassle?

Struggling with modernization or change management?

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Integration & Interoperability

Leap can integrate systems using APIs or standard data hand-offs to create dashboards, reports and visible application layers between systems. 

Leap’s Data & API Provisioning

COVID Reporting

Exchange Rate Portal

Fast & Easy Application Development

Leap speeds app development, mobile and desktop, because we don’t rely on building mountains of code. Instead, business users can drag and drop their way to UI and application capability. We can quickly get an application through prototype, testing and deployed internally or to clients securely.

Leap Canvas  
Farmer’s Market Locator 
Warranty & Claims

Automated Workflow & Dataflow

Leap can automate big, ongoing collaborations with internal teams and clients.  Leap can be used to trigger notifications and collect approved documents based on long, audited processes (Audit processes, Claims processes, RFP processes) and then generate the final report to include all the needed sign-offs.

Workflow & Report Generator

Client Data Gathering
Loan Management
Construction Management

Leveraged Data & Spreadsheets

Leap is the only no-code platform that is data-driven. It is designed to leverage the value of your data securely. Data can trigger events.  Data fields can be revealed and then dragged and dropped into interfaces. Leap decouples data from UI in applications so every application you make in Leap can be duplicated and customized with new client branding and/or new data.  Leap is also the only no-code platform that can ingest and output spreadsheet formulas, as well as spreadsheet data.

Portfolio Management
Freddie Mac Mortgage Report
Client Activity Report
Spreadsheet Modeling Frontend

Leap Platform & Administration Features

Leap provides a suite of easy-to-use platform management tools to help you connect data, build applications, and deploy your apps securely. 

Design Canvas
Data & API Provisioning
Roles, Permissions & Administration

Ways to Get the LEAP App Factory Lift


Leap Cloud App Factory

Get a license to prototype, build and deploy your fintech in just weeks.


Enterprise App Factory

Extend and modernize with your private cloud license for secure, containerized deployment with advanced training and support.


No-code App Dev Services

Leap builds your app at a fraction of the cost/time and seamlessly integrates it into your environment.


No-code App Store

Sell subscriptions to your no-code apps in our marketplace or have a private white-labelled store for your customers.

Our clients use Leap's powerful No-Code technology to generate impressive solutions with instant benefits.

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We put the “Tech” in FinTech.

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