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No-code Technology Eases Stresses of Community Bankers

As a business leader, I for one have learned how important it is to have a great relationship with my banker. As we go through these trying financial times since COVID-19, getting quick, helpful responses from a banker who understands your business brings your blood pressure down several notches.

While community bankers are being especially helpful to highly-stressed, underserved families and small businesses, they are facing their own stresses. Although many devote time to making sure that people who are new to banking feel comfortable and confident, that high-touch customer relationship building is time-consuming and can be hard to manage. Community banks are smaller and typically less technically savvy and flexible.

The current CRM software on the market is not a great fit for these community banks, and it can be very expensive. Enter LeapXL from Cobbler Technologies, Inc. LeapXL is a no-code application development platform.

Cobbler brings affordable, high-powered fin-tech solutions to community banks, so they can connect to customers and grow faster.

No-Code Customer Outreach

Here is just one example. It is an app to manage customer outreach to diverse new markets. It’s a highly customized cloud application that does not cost as much as a custom application would cost.

It is designed to help community bank workers quickly log their contacts and manage outreach without spending hours and hours in a non-tailored CRM.

Managing a Team’s Outreach Tasks

Members of a team can easily be entered into the application so the workers and supervisor can track tasks against goals.

Reaching Out to New Contacts for the Bank

To start your contact list, you can simply upload your contacts spreadsheet into LeapXL. New information can quickly be entered into a shared contact list via mobile or desktop. Everything about the application is customizable, so whatever information you want the team to collect can be set-up quickly in the app by changing the spreadsheet of items you want to track and uploading it.

Real-time Individual and Team Reporting

As workers are logging in and reporting their outreach work, real-time reports are being generated. These can be shared with leadership at any time by exporting them as PDFs or granting them access to the online reports.

Longitudinal Reporting

Multiple years of data collection can be entered into the app, or after a year of gathering data, you can see patterns in longitudinal data. Analyzing data over time can result in awareness of seasonal trends that you may not have been able to see before. You can click on the bars to drill down to see the actual data.

LeapXL Advantages for Community Banks

· LeapXL provides unmatched flexibility so you can stay ahead of the market. This is not an out-of-the-box software. Because it is no-code, it takes only an hour or so to customize it for your company. After that, the cloud software can change just as quickly as your business changes. Either you or a Cobbler technician can change personnel, access, reports, goals, etc.

· Training is a non-issue. It takes less than thirty minutes to train the team to use a LeapXL app and get its full benefits.

· Persnickety reporting issues? No problem. Even if your leadership team is not quite sure what they want to see reported, making changes in reporting is simple and quick.

· Easy to get started. Just give us a shout. You can send us your spreadsheets to use in your own custom CRM applications or use clones of any of our other apps.

· Other banking apps in LeapXL. We can develop any number of custom applications in LeapXL to include handling account transfers, launching mobile customer interfaces and connecting existing to external services. These can be connected to create an entire suite of secure, enterprise-wide applications.

Why should you contact us?

With LeapXL by Cobbler Technologies, community bankers can leverage affordable no-code fin-tech to stay competitive, reduce stress and workload, and gain more customers!

Check out this video demonstration of the #leapoutreach app!

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