Drag-and-Drop iPaaS and aPaaS Enterprise Solution

Leaders in the banking, insurance and financial services sector are racing to offer banks and their customers more personalization, flexibility, and instant access to secure data, using tools that play well with others. Racing toward Banking-as-a-Service. LeapXL gives flight to companies in that race to securely modernize and scale a series of legacy, core and innovative fintech together to quickly respond to today’s demanding customers and get more products out to market faster without breakage.

Leap into Banking-as-a-Service with LeapXL

Data-Driven Visual App Development

Use web hooks, data and events to intuitively drive application logic within a drag-n-drop canvas.

Data Integration

Connect to and explore any APIs and other data sources without technical expertise.

Automated Deployment

Provision and invite users with drag-and-drop ease, integrate with Active Directory instantly or embed apps within your website.

Codeless Web Apps on Any Device

Emulate and deploy your applications on any device instantly with micro-learning helps and templates.

BI Dashboards with Drilldowns

Instantly transform data, even real-time, into dashboards and report charts, graphs and tables with data drilldown.

Data & App Audit Automation

Data origin, provenance and modifications clickable from any data unit. See values changed, who authorized and when.

Excel Formula to App Logic

Ingests formulas (and data) in Excel files and transforms them into application logic.

Enterprise-Friendly Collaboration

Multiple people can work together to build, extend and scale secure reports and apps. Works with any core system.

No-code for Grown Ups

Controlled Access

Online Forms with Data Controls

One Version of the Truth

Real-time Data Collection

Linked Document Images for Review

Automated Data Origination Reporting

Formula Separation 
from Data

Data Tagging 
is Automatic


Take a deeper dive into our No-code, Drag-and-Drop App Publishing Platform (aPaaS) with built-in API Integration (iPaaS).


Infrastructure, Scaling, and Failover: LeapXL hosts your SaaS securely with room for you to grow.


Our self-publishing app price options are flexible and scalable, and we’ll work with you, tailoring our options to fit your needs and your budget.

Could argue that this is the most impressive tech I've seen in a decade.

Patrick Sells, CIO, Quontic Bank

Recognized by American Banker as 2020 Digital Banker of the Year

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Speed without Compromise

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