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Speedy App Factory

Leaders in the financial services, insurance, retail and health sectors are racing to offer customers more personalization, flexibility, and instant access to secure data, using tools that play well with others. Leap’s platform supports companies in that race to securely modernize and scale a series of legacy, core and innovative technologies together to quickly respond to today’s demanding customers and get more products out to market faster without breakage.

LEAP’s No-Code Platform is the “Killer App” Factory! 

With all the automation components and easy tools, Leap delivers:

  • Data, Spreadsheet Formula & API Integration

  • Liquid App & Customer-friendly UI Dev

  • Cloneable, Customizable, Reusable Components

  • Automated Dev Ops

  • Automated Data Audit & Dashboarding

  • Containerized Security, Extensibility & Scalability


Let LEAP help you modernize faster and speed your as-a-service solutions to market. Quickly extend your legacy systems while building your own new customer-focused solutions.

Meet the LEAP Platform

Get an introduction to the LEAP no-code platform which simplifies and automates the tasks of creating, evolving and maintaining software.

Leap Platform Overview 2023_sm.jpg


Take a deeper dive into our No-code, Drag-and-Drop App Publishing Platform (aPaaS) with built-in API Integration (iPaaS).


Infrastructure, Scaling, and Failover: Leap hosts your SaaS securely with room for you to grow.


Our self-publishing app price options are flexible and scalable, and we’ll work with you, tailoring our options to fit your needs and your budget.

Could argue that this is the most impressive tech I've seen in a decade.

Patrick Sells, CIO, Quontic Bank

Recognized by American Banker as 2020 Digital Banker of the Year

Screenshot 2020-07-10 15.02.14.png

Quickly & affordably create secure SaaS solutions that can connect to any system.

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