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Remove bottlenecks and customer friction in closing loans

Streamline the loan closing process with Loan GPS and provide a stellar customer experience. Lenders and customers have a simple, easy way to see how the loan closing package is coming together in real time on their desktops and phones. 

Are you the right customer for Loan GPS

Loan GPS is an integral connective layer for your bank’s commercial and/or retail lending that saves you time, money, and creates customer loyalty. Loan GPS is for you if you are one of the following:

  1. Community Banks focused on improving positive, personal relationships with borrowers while streamlining the manual lending process. Loan GPS automates the time-consuming steps, transforming the process so it results in more time for lenders to strengthen their one-one time with customers!

  2. Community Banks that want to compete with new digital offerings to customers, without the hefty price tag. 

  3. Community Banks working to eliminate outdated legacy systems or manual processes with software that will not only fit into existing solutions but can adapt and grow with the bank.

  4. Growing Community Banks that are rapidly expanding their lending footprint and need a flexible system to buoy its success and maintain compliance. 


We set up any loan type with the required steps and documents.


Easily activate lenders and their customers’ view of the loan process.


Control access of 3rd parties and manage the work and document flow.


View the data gathered automatically into dashboards to see the lending pipeline to better plan and forecast.


See where there are bottlenecks and friction points that holdup the loan closing process.


Know the time to close  for each loan type to improve profitability and customer delight.


What does the bank get with Loan GPS?


There are many ways to get the benefits of Loan GPS.

  1. Loan GPS works with any loan type and any of your bank’s requirements and processes. Within minutes, we configure the software to fit your bank’s needs.

  2. Easy and secure deployment to your borrowing customers.

  3. Upload and approve documents easily, even those from third parties.

  4. When documents are received, the customer is alerted regarding where their loan application is in the process.

  5. Lenders and customers have a secure interface so both know what is required next in the process with automated messaging, if desired.

  6. Loan GPS easily traces covenants, exceptions, fallout and cycle time per loan type.

  7. Dashboards track bank and lender success rates and provide actionable insights.

How does Loan GPS fit into your system?


There are many ways to get the benefits of Loan GPS.

  1. Loan GPS is a stand-alone Software as a Service (SaaS) in a secure, containerized Azure cloud environment. 

  2. Loan GPS can be integrated with your bank’s core system via API layer. 

  3. The customer experience in Loan GPS can be fed by any end-to-end lending software solution you are using.

  4. Loan GPS is built on the LeapXL no-code platform, so any of its features can be de-coupled and sold separately.

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