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For the past two decades, Marla Johnson, CEO and Cofounder of LeapXL, focused on scaling complex Internet-related applications for businesses across multiple industries. In that journey, she became adept at prognosticating and advancing game-changing tech innovation – she was often on a speaking circuit telling her audiences what was next and how they could ride the wave of digital transformation.


Over 40 years ago, Brian Stack, Chief Scientist & Cofounder of LeapXL, started his career in the software industry working for multinationals involved with or leading software products that allowed entry into new markets and broke accepted technical boundaries. Since that time, he has started multiple companies, including one that went public and another that became venture funded. 

In 2018, Marla and Brian launched LeapXL to deliver on a dream of simple, fast cloud computing with no code tools for data connection, application development and deployment (iPaaS and aPaaS), resulting in lightning speed development and deployment of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), collapsing months of agile development into a few days and annihilating technical debt.

“Leap found a successful foothold in banking, insurance and financial services because leaders in that sector are ready to leap forward technologically, pun intended,” said Johnson. “They are racing to offer banks and their customers more personalization, flexibility, instant access to secure data, using tools that play well with others; racing toward Banking-as-a-Service.” Leap gives flight to companies in that race to securely modernize and scale a series of legacy, core and innovative fintech together to quickly respond to today’s demanding customers and get more products out to market faster without breakage.

Our passionate leadership team has pioneered computer automation with both secured and pending patents, grown tech companies to scale, gone public and exited successfully,  managed millions of dollars in annual revenue, and hired hundreds of technical personnel.

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