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About Us

At LeapXL  we’re committed to empowering businesspeople through software transformation.


Our passionate leadership team has pioneered computer automation with both secured and pending patents, grown tech companies to scale, gone public, managed millions of dollars in annual revenue, and hired hundreds of technical personnel. Our seasoned product development leaders have the proven ability to scale technical solutions. We can collaborate with your team to build and scale the amazing!




Chief Executive Officer & Cofounder

Experienced CEO with 20-years experience leading interactive/ digital commerce agencies for global entertainment and destination brands. Leadership experience from start-up to acceleration business cycles. Decade of board governance experience on multi-million-dollar health insurance corporation. [More]

Brian Stack, Chief Scientist & Cofounder, photo


Chief Scientist & Cofounder

Career computing architect at global tech companies, including Digital Equipment Nixdorf in Europe. Inventor of multiple patented technologies, leading two start-ups, one which went public. Forty-years of computational research and development of Leap’s patented molecular, rapid learning engine. [More]

Jay Davidson, CTO, photo


Chief Technology Officer

Expert in DevOps deployment and pipeline integration at enterprise scale. Over 20 years in technical leadership driving improvements in application development, application architecture, mobile, and user experience. Led a $98m legacy system modernization to the cloud. [More]


Mr. Collins Andrews


Board Member

Collins Andrews began his 40 year career as an engineer and evolved through technical, management and executive roles to become a significant contributor to some of the country’s fastest-growing companies. [More]

Abe Hadad.png


Board Member

Ibrahim “Abe” Hadad currently serves as EY’s International Tax Business Technology Leader for the Americas. Abe has an eclectic industry experience background which began in the manufacturing industry moving to the financial markets, banking and now into the consulting industry. [More]

Dr. James Hendren


Board Member

Dr. James Hendren has been a entrepreneurial champion for the advancement of technology startup companies and knowledge job development since the mid-1980’s. [More]

Mr. Andrew Herden


Board Member

Andrew Herden has core competencies in Strategic Planning, Financial Optimization Strategies & Analysis, Portfolio & Capital Requirements and Corporate Performance Management. [More]

Tate Olinghouse


Board Member

Tate Olinghouse, Chief Client Officer, Acxiom; former President of Financial Services at Acxiom and Manager at Accenture’s Financial Services. [More]

Nigel Prince


Board Member

Nigel Prince is a Senior Vice President at Axiom Bank, N.A. in Orlando, Florida. He brings more than 28 years progressive leadership experience, delivering technology that has enabled transformation across the global financial software services sector. [More]

Dr. Karl Schubert


Board Member

Dr. Karl Schubert began his career with IBM Research in San Jose, California and now is a Professor and the Associate Director for the Data Science Program at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas. [More]

Leap’s Culture of Innovative Technologists

At LeapXL, we are passionate about people who innovate, use data to make decisions, and can express themselves thoughtfully. We are passionate about delivering a great customer experience, and contributing to our Promise...

LEAP Promise

Building transformative products with integrity that create measurable value for people and foster widespread business success in a good and increasingly equitable world.

LEAP Core Values


amazing service for customers who drive our business.


responsibility to the business vision with personal accountability and responsibility to be our best in each moment.


faster and innovate better.

Be Truthful

to our diversity and inclusive principles.


open, honest dialog and sincere listening so people feel welcomed and valued.

Become a hands-on contributor as we generate new business successes through agile development, cutting-edge technology, productivity apps, and process automation.

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LeapXL was one of only ten technology companies worldwide to participate in the 2020 FIS Fintech Accelerator program, a partnership between financial technology leader FIS and The Venture Center in Little Rock, AR.

We like LeapXL and enjoy working with your team.

You will be successful for sure.

John H. Buhrmaster, President & CEO, 1st National Bank of Scotia

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Quickly & affordably create secure SaaS solutions that can connect to any system.

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