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Dr. Karl Schubert

Board Member

Dr. Karl Schubert

Dr. Karl Schubert began his career with IBM Research in San Jose, California and now is a Professor and the Associate Director for the Data Science Program at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

He has 30+ years of experience in technology and operations and a proven track record of success starting new divisions, leading turnarounds, shaping, and supporting the attainment of corporate goals, driving innovation, mitigating risks, maximizing ROI, and creating a strong corporate culture.

Karl’s experience includes extensive work setting corporate technology strategy, overseeing technology acquisitions, academic partnerships, developing and modernizing technology infrastructure, and enhancing reliability. He has deep financial knowledge from 10+ years of P&L experience, budget creation, cost control, negotiation, cash flow, financial planning and forecasting, business analysis, mergers/acquisitions/divestitures, and corporate governance.

In addition to developing successful college-level programs for budding technologists, entrepreneurs, and data scientists, Karl improved speed-of-access 70% for the US Navy, saving $200+ million annually, transformed 2 separate unprofitable divisions at Grass Valley into the company’s most profitable divisions with $80 million in revenue. He also created Dell’s first-ever storage division and built it to $100 million in its first year and to $250 million in its second year, with a 25% profit margin—the highest in the company at that time.  In 3 years, he generated $5 billion working with Dell’s corporate finance team on venture capital investments—this group was later spun-off to become Dell Ventures.  He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering & Technology and Senior Member of IEEE, ACM, and IISE.

Location: Arkansas

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