Data Provenance

Know the Reliability of Your Data

Leadership's risk doesn't stop at just making decisions on partial data. What about the data reliability, completeness and quality? Leaders want to know “how solid is this data?” 84% of CEOs say that they do not trust the data on which they are making decisions.

LeapXL not only audits how data moves and changes, the platform also "audits the audits". Access to knowing data competence is always a mouse click away. The source of data and how that data was handled is a direct indicator of reliability.​

Data reliability varies based on the source and conditions when collected. For example, data coming from understaffed teams or facilities may not be as thorough as data coming from others. Data may be coming from other systems with limited management, less skilled users, or lax collection filters.​ The kind of business tools used to collect, process, and transport data can help perfect that data or add error at an alarming frequency. For example, knowing that cost numbers are coming from spreadsheets shared between users and departments might lose some comfort on the accuracy. People also have an enormous effect on the competence of data. Knowing the people, organizations, and kinds of business tools that collected, processed, assembled and reported the data is a direct measure of that data's reliability.

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