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Real-time Data Sharing

One Version of the Truth

Data sharing means that different users not only have access but that access is controlled. LeapXL allows the administrator to limit access based on user needs. For example, some users may only be allowed to enter data. That data may be restricted to a few data elements or open as far as needed. Other users may only be allowed to look at real-time results. The combinations of how these controls can be applied is virtually limitless. Data sharing means being able to work together. Most users have specific jobs requiring specific kinds of data. Those users have ready access to needed data as well as ready access to add new data. There are also cases where data needs to be changed or the user needs greater access.


Does LeapXL have a centralized database? Indeed it does. All data, spreadsheets and row data, is stored in a shareable central database. When people say “we need a centralized database,” that often means more than just wanting to share data. LeapXL allows you to securely share data with people in your enterprise who need to know – in real-time. Data becomes safer with protections to reduce error and cleanly add it to a central data store.

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